Which is your favourite bag :)

YSL Rose Pink with Chain

Saint Laurent is hot hot hot right now! It is the buzz designer item of the recent years. It has a distinct and recognizable “YSL” metal hardware which anyone from the east to west coast (and in-between) will have seen and know of its social status.

This bag is structured and gives off a bold statement in its textured rose coloured leather and pairs beautifully with the gold hardware and chain.

Speaking of the hardware, the YSL is a magnet for light! Everyone will see you shining in your designer bag whether you are all dolled up for the races or polo, in the dim light of a cocktail bar, or partying at a family or friend’s wedding. Envision your jealous cousins eying off your shoulder bag candy. Hehe!

You may be surprised how well this bag pairs with your wardrobe, it will compliment anything from Grey, to floral or it will shine on your shoulder with a black, white or even navy blue dress.