Which is your favourite bag :)

Welcome Jo

You have a sparkle in your eye, bounce in your step because right now you have a piece you could only dream of owning and at that moment it's yours. 
Even if you scrimp, save and work 3 jobs for 6 months straight to buy an entry level designer bag, that's great you own it!  But it's a recognisable bag, it stands out, grabs attention with its hand stitched quilted leather or the unforgettable YSL hardware with tassel, and you can't be seen with the same bag too many times otherwise people will think that's all you own and you have no taste or variety.
So what do you do?  Hire another one!  All of a sudden you have the whole Saint Laurent collection circling through your wardrobe and not a single minute is wasted on changing your outfit or style because the designer bag sets it for you.