Which is your favourite bag :)

1991 Chanel Classic Black - & GHW

This 1991 vintage Chanel bag is even more desirable than the later models, with its original 18ct Gold plated hardware, and super soft aged lambskin leather. Don’t be fooled thinking this bag is past its day, It still has that new leather smell as it did when it was first brought home from the store.

A Chanel handbag bag only gets better with age, which is why every woman on earth wants one!

It doesn’t really matter what you wear with this bag because all people are going to see when it is draped over your shoulder is a woman that has impeccable taste, a timeless look and is unstoppable! So if you see her coming, move out of her way!

Coco Chanel was a mysterious, stubborn, strong willed, and everything else a woman desires to be. You may have heard she was raised in an orphanage, you may have heard she was raised by her aunts who taught her to sew, god knows what else you have heard as there are so many stories.

Chanel liked to be mysterious and always had a different story to tell about where she came from, who she was and so on. So we find it only oh so fitting that you would hire one of her bags and make up your own story of where you got it.

Maybe you were holidaying in France with some young French gentleman whom you met while buying a crossiant and coffee and he offered to take you around the world on his private jet and buy you a chanel bag? Or you got a substantial pay rise at work and now you are 2IC to the CEO and you used your monthly bonus to buy the bag. Or you scrimped and saved and bought it after saving for 5 years? It doesn’t really matter how or where you go the bag, the point is this stylish number is on your arm and is yours for the month, so have a little fun with her. Xx